My Work Samples

Below are samples of my work product over the past few years.

Newsletter Samples

The Mekkah’s Monthly newsletter, which I wrote every month for eight years.

Lifestyle Sample – Senior Citizens

2022 article published in the Johnson City News & Neighbor, a local freebie newspaper, announcing the 106th birthday of a local resident.

Mortgages and Real Estate

How to Prepare to Buy a House from my LinkedIn page

Video script – Preparing to Buy a House for the First Time? The 4 Things You Need to Know.

The following are sample real estate articles that I ghost-wrote:

How to Write a Letter of Intent (LOI) to Lease Commercial Property

Sample Letter of Intent to Lease Commercial Property

What Is a ‘Motivated Seller’ in Real Estate and Is It the Same as a ‘Distressed Seller’?

Winning Motivated Seller Phone Call Script

Legal Writing Samples

As I mentioned on my About Page, I cannot share samples of the work I completed for Second Eclipse/RR Digital due to a confidentiality agreement I signed. However, you can view some of the feedback I received from my supervisor and our SEO content team members on my feedback page.

Product Descriptions

Exercise dice

Tortilla press liners

Memorial wind chimes